Patriarch of Wyndsong Cavaliers

Ch. Cedar Crest Sherlock Holmes-

Grandfather of Litter J

-Now Retired


Matriarch of Wyndsong Cavaliers:

Sedeki Tara Tintagel-

Grandmother of Litter D, F, G, H & I

-Now Retired


Ch. Oliver of Maygarden- Sire of Ch. Cedar Crest Sherlock Holmes

Grandfather of Litters A & D

-Now Retired


Maggie- Mother of Ch. Cedar Crest Sherlock Holmes

Grandmother of Litter A & D

-Now Retired


Helena- Mother of Sedeki Tara Tintagel

Grandmother of Litter A, B, C & E

-Now Retired


Ch. Winbury Virtuoso-Hampton

Grandfather of Litter C

-Now Retired



Grandfather of Litter C & E

-Now Retired


Ch. Salador Cliva Blue

Grandfather of Litter E, F & I

-Now Retired


Ch. Gianni - Flying Colors Versace

Grandfather of Litter D, H, & I

-Now Retired


Ch. Colstream's Solitary Man - SOLO

Grandfather of Litter F, G & K

-Now Retired

Sedeki York Scarborough- Sire of Litter E & F

-Now Retired

GCH Hillwood Picture This (P.T.)

Grandfather of Litter M, O, Q, S, U & W

GCh. Cristal's Champagne Toast (Harry)

Grandfather of Litter K, L, N, P, R, V & X

-Now Retired

Ch. Cedar Crest He's A Dandy

Grandfather of Litter O, S & Y

-Now Retired

Wyndsong Dash Kensington

Grandfather of Litter R & V

-Now Retired

Wyndsong Elizabeth Warwick (Betsy)

Grandmother of Litter J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S & Y

-Now Retired

Wyndsong Catherine Crathes

Grandmother of Litter J, M, O, P, Q, S, T & U

-Now Retired

Wyndsong Faylinn Fraser

Grandmother of Litter R, U, V & Z

-Now Retired