"Pippa is now a certified therapy dog! She visits the Cancer center and Chemo patients once a week at Kettering Hospital. She also accepts requests for visits to patients in the hospital.


She has worked at many other community sites through the request of the Miami Valley Pet Therapy Association."

Woody & Leslie K. from Kettering, OH

Litter Q- Quincy aka Pippa, December 2018

"I just wanted to check in and let you know what an intelligent, amazing, darling puppy Ellie has become. She is absolutely the best dog we have ever had. We had another cavalier, previous to Ellie, whom we loved more than anything. But, after living with Ellie for only a few short months, we can already see the positive differences in her energy and alertness compared to our other fur baby. I attribute this 100% to you, Alice. Your dedication and devotion to this breed are so apparent after visiting your home, seeing your beautiful cavaliers and hearing you speak about your breeding methods. It is evident that there is an immense amount of love and dedication that you put into breeding these dogs in order to preserve the healthy lineage that you obviously have.

We waited a while for Ellie to be born because your puppies were in such high demand; but in hindsight, it was worth waiting all those months, as she is truly proving to be a perfect addition to our family.

Thank you, Alice, for choosing us to receive one of your puppies."


Deb F. from Grosse Pointe Farms, MI

Litter J2- Jillian aka Ellie, October 2019


10 weeks
13 weeks

"Hi Alice, I just want to tell you again how well Ernie is doing. We have had him two weeks as of today and he has made such a wonderful adjustment. Just thinking about how his whole world changed in a day is incredible. He has adapted beautifully. He slept through the night starting on night one (with his Snuggly Puppy) and wakes up everyday happy to greet the world and see what’s new. What a wonderful disposition! I know all dogs need good homes but Ernie is proof positive that starting from day one in a good and nurturing environment is so positive. He is quickly becoming housebroken (WE are well trained) and is learning as of yesterday to walk with a collar and a leash. Of course our neighbors are in love with him also! Please feel free to tell our story, use my words, or use us as a reference. We are very grateful for all that you do, it is truly a labor of love."

Patti B. from Hudson, OH

Litter I2- Irwin aka Ernest,  June 2018


"Just a short note to let you know that Fantine (aka Fantine I dreamed a dream) is doing fantastic. She sleeps all night, and is doing great on house breaking . . . no accidents yet! Loves and is loved by everyone she meets. THANK YOU so much again for our beautiful little girl. The wait was so worth it. We also appreciate your ethics as a breeder and the most apparent love you have for the breed.
This will our finest Christmas Time!!!

Diane & Kevin R. from Garden City, MI

Litter F2- Fantine, December 2018


8 weeks
12 weeks

"Hi Alice,
It was the best day when Wyndsong Violet and my Olivia got together! Their little noses touched and it was as if they knew they were related. What a fun time they had playing together! Remember it was Violet that I first saw and knew I had to contact you. I needed to have one of your cavaliers from that moment on.

Our little Olivia, aka Zara is just the light of our lives. She is just the sweetest, happy and
loving girl! Also, very smart I must add. Our first cavalier came from Ohio and what a difference there is between them both. I feel that Olivia’s breeding is definitely like no other. I love feeling like we are part of a family of beautifully bred cavaliers and the love you have is like no other. It is no wonder that Olivia is so well adjusted.

I am so thankful to have found you Alice and Wyndsong Cavaliers! We are so blessed to have our little Olivia in our lives! She continues to amaze us every day!"

Kathy C. from Livonia, MI

Litter Z- Zara aka Olivia,  August 2018


"Our dear “Charles Albert Churchill” is 18 weeks old today and my wife and I could not be happier with him! We have had several dogs in our life together, but this one is truly special. After being home with him 1 day (we picked him up at 11 weeks old), he started sleeping through the night without any accidents. He goes to his sleeping crate every night at 9:00 and sits because he is ready for bed. We then do not hear a peep out of him until 6:00 AM when he is ready to get up and on with his day.

He was completely house broke in 7 days. He sits on command and when he wants to jump up, all we have to do is say OFF and he backs away immediately. He never sees a stranger, he loves everyone he sees. He loves playing with his toys, but his favorite activity is laying on our laps watching TV. Everyone that sees him, say he is the sweetest, cutest and most friendly dog they have ever seen.

We took him 2 weeks ago for his first haircut and the groomer said he stood still and enjoyed it all. Even our Vet said, when Churchill was getting his shots, “I have been in this business for many decades and have seen many puppies in my life. I must say this is the first perfect puppy I have ever examined!”

My favorite time of day is when I get home from work and Churchill transfers from my wife’s lap to mine, he loves us both. You are such a special breeder Alice and we REALLY appreciate all the care and love you put into what you do. Just about anyone can raise a litter of puppies, but it takes a special person to raise puppies like you do, where people can have the opportunity of a lifetime to get a puppy that is NOT a pet, but becomes a member of the family!

I researched breeders for several months before we selected you and are so glad we did. It took us about 24 hours round trip to drive up and get Churchill, but it was so worth it. Getting Churchill from you was one of the best decisions we have made. Please feel free to have other potential customers contact me if they would like to ask any questions.

Thank you again for parting with Churchill, as I know you would have preferred to keep him. But please rest assured he has a great home and he loves his life and we love him!"

Steve and Paulette T. from Eldon, MO

Litter C2- Charles Albert Churchill, July 2018


15.5 weeks
11 weeks

"Abby is doing so well and I just love her! So does everyone else!
We made it through 7 weeks of puppy classes. Abby was runner up in the sit/stay contest out of 12 dogs.
She’s so smart and curious! I’m pretty sure she knows “work” because she gets in her travel crate as soon as I tell her it’s time for work!
She definitely has the makings for a good therapy dog. She is calm and quiet at work and if I leave the office with the gate open she sits in hallway at the door waiting for me.
She sleeps with me now and is transitioning well to relieving herself outside.
I have given your information to several people. Please feel free to use any of my comments on your website or as a referral.
Thank you again for Abby. My life is so blessed with her in it!"

Anne S. from St. Clair Shores, MI

Litter A2- Aria aka Abby ,  May 2018 


"I asked Natalie (daughter) what she would say about Nico and here are her words (I typed them as she spoke): 

'Nico has been a good boy this year. He listened to us, he's getting better at doing stuff (like jumping into the car), he does a great job when we tell him to sit and stay and he definitely does a good job with going poop and pee in the crate. Nico behaves, he's good, and we love him so much. He sometimes crawls in bed with me at night or sleeps in my room near my bed and is a good 'brother' to me.'

Additionally, we all agree that Nico is an excellent first family dog. He makes having a family dog an enjoyable experience. He is easy to train, he listens well, has a great demeanor, is great with people, (especially children) and is definitely a lover, not a fighter. He is protective of each of us as well. Once when we were play fighting he barked at us until we stopped and had settled down. He recognizes people who come to our house frequently and doesn't bark, rather he gets excited and wants to welcome them into the house with lots of licks. Thanks again."

Tenisha P. from Ypsilanti, MI

Litter W- William aka Nico, January 2018


William aka Nico-8 mos. (2)
2 yrs.

"Dear Alice, Just so you know, there is not a person who we meet that does not go nuts over how cute Willa is and how sweet her temperament is. She is by far the best dog I have ever owned. I have absolutely no issues with her & just like a little kid at about 8:30 every night, when she has finally exhausted herself she likes to crawl up on my lap wherever I am, put her head on my chest, and have her snuggle time. It’s mandatory. Best wishes back at you to you and your fur gang for a healthy, happy, prosperous new year!"

Sandra S. from Chesterfield, MI

Litter Q- Quinn aka Willa, January 2018 


"We wanted to give you an update about Dash. We've been talking lately about how lucky we are to have him as a part of our family. He is so loving and devoted. He is also very smart and continues to learn new commands. We want you to know that he's the best dog we've ever had!"

Laurie and Carl V. from Farmington Hills, MI

Litter D- Wyndsong Dash Kensington aka Dash, January, 2018


6 yrs.
4 mo.

"It's hard to put into words the joy Violet has brought to our family! Honestly I wonder how we lived without her. She is the sweetest and well-behaved puppy I've ever met. The instructor in our puppy class was amazed at how social and polite she was with the other puppies in the class. I will continue to recommend you to prospective families for all the compassion and knowledge you have for the breed! We can not thank you enough for introducing us to the Wyndsong family and cementing our love for the breed. A co-worker of mine and her family have recently gotten 2 puppies from you as well and they are very happy and glad they did.
Thank you so much for all you have done!

Elissa G. from Canton, MI

Litter V- Violet aka Violet, October 2017


"Willow is adapting perfectly here, even on her first day. She is eating just in the morning, but is full of energy and love. She is amazingly intelligent. So far we have had no accidents inside and she seems to understand "sit" and "come" already. I have never seen such a lovely puppy. Thank you so much for bringing us together. "

Gina E. from Laurium, MI

Litter X- Xandy aka Willow, July 2017


xandy 9wks (2)close
12 weeks

"We absolutely love our Teddy. He has adjusted so well and is a real pleasure. He loves running around the garden and chasing away the bunnies. He follows me everywhere, he's like my shadow. Such an amazing boy. He does steal slippers from time to time and run away with them. He is so wonderful, even my husband is already talking about a second!
Thank you so much.

Alexandra G. from Montreal, Quebec Canada

Litter V- Vaughan aka Teddy, July 2017


"We have had so many compliments about Finn.  Dave is stopped repeatedly on his walks asking about him.  He has grown and is about 15 pounds. He is totally a lap dog. I can be sitting and all of a sudden he comes running and plops down on me. He has been totally house trained for months now.  We are so happy we chose this breed."

Barbara & Dave L. from Macomb, MI

Litter U- Upton aka Finn, June 2017


7 mo.
Russell aka Finn-1 Year-love this

"I cannot tell how loved this puppy Finn is!
My kids don't stop loving on him!
I love him too of course!
He's such a sweet sweet loving boy!
Everyone that walks by our house stops to pet him and compliment us on his good looks!
When I take him to doggy daycare the workers comment on how popular he is with the other dogs and how beautiful he is!
We take him everywhere with us!

You truly are a special breeder that loves this breed because it shows in all of your dogs!
Thanks again,

Candice J. from White Lake, MI

Litter R- Russell aka Finn, February 2017


"Hi Alice, I would like to take this opportunity to again Thank You for allowing me to adopt my three girls.  I know it was difficult for you to let them go. They are so beautiful, people always stop to admire them.  I feel truly blessed to have them in my life. 

For those of you just starting your quest to find a trustworthy breeder, you need look no farther.  I have known Alice for some time now and I believe her to be everything you would hope to find in a breeder."

Tammy F. from Portage, MI

Litter B, C & M- Betsy, Catherine & Maura- January 2017-Retirement Pictures


7 yrs.
10 weeks

"He's perfect!! We love him so much. He hasn't had any stomach problems and he's eating his meals. Thanks for everything!"

Julie & Alec R. from Bloomfield Hills, MI

Litter T- Trent aka Archer, October 2016


"I was moved this morning, when I looked at Sophie's little face, to write you and express, she continues to be the LOVE of our lives......we are so blessed to have her, our blessings seem to increase each day.  She has brought such a unique love to our family, it's hard to explain, but knowing you, you'll understand."

Jean P. from Utica, MI

Litter J- Julia aka Sophie, November 2016


2 yrs.
2 yrs.

"I took this photo of Miss Daisy Mae a couple days ago - thought you would like to see what a pretty girl she has become. She is very smart and has a ton of energy and really is a joy. It is hard to believe that she is already 2 years old. Her personality is very different than our other CKCS - she is much more social and energetic. She loves chasing around the yard and is thoroughly enjoy summer. Anyway - thanks again for letting us adopt her!"

Dale & Christi Y. from Beverly Hills, MI

Litter L- Lilly aka Daisy Mae, July 2016


"Hi Alice - My family and I wanted to write you a note to tell you how much we love Olive (Ruth) from the R litter. She has only been with us a week and we are truly enamored by her loving spirit. The girls are enjoying playing with her and she loves to go on walks with her big (doggie) brother. She is picking up training quickly and is a joy to cuddle with. Thank you for taking the time to answer all my questions and emails. We appreciate it!"

Jen R. from Franklin, TN

Litter R- Ruth aka Olive, June 2016


10 mo.
5 mo.

"Pippa has settled in and is very comfortable here, full of energy, smart and a great lap dog, too. Thank you again for bringing her into our lives. She is doing great with her training very smart and learning lots of commands and knows many words. She is very interested in running and jumping and Woody hopes to start agility training soon. We are so happy to include her in our family! Thanks so much!"

Woody & Leslie K. from Dayton, OH

Litter Q- Quincy aka Pippa, May 2016


"About our Sophie on her second birthday- She has brought such joy to our lives...her sweetness is shown to us in so many ways...her playfulness, especially with David, her cuddles and kisses are like no others....she loves to get together with Lilly, and all the family.... And in good weather on our walks, she draws a crowd full of love from our neighbors, it's no wonder her tail doesn't wag right off when she sees the kids, and hears them holler her name...Thank you Alice for our Sophie."

David & Jean P. Utica, MI

Litter J- Julia aka Sophie, January 2016


2 yrs.

"We love our new addition to our family. Maddie has become the center of our love. Everybody here at the office loves her. She's become my doggy soul mate. She's as beautiful as her mother. Thank you very much for letting us have one of your precious angels."

Holly K. from Livonia, MI

Litter O- Orchid aka Madeline, December 2015


"Hi Alice, I wanted to express my appreciation for my beautiful, bright, and fun-loving Cavalier, Jasper. (Originally Orion in the O litter born June 7, 2015) Jasper transitioned easily into my home, shared with a 100 pound Great Pyrenees, Daisy. He showers her with kisses, making Daisy's drool magically disappear! He is always "at the ready" for kisses. Jasper's markings (blenheim) are beautiful with a sweet spot on top of his head. He's highly intelligent; potty training was a breeze! He exudes happiness, which brings me great joy. Tail wagging, wide open eyes, Jasper focuses on you and is ever faithful by your side or lap. He's remarkable, already at 5 months old! In addition, your knowledge of the breed, the training, the nutrition, and medical advice --makes you a special breeder of whom is a delight to know! Your love is apparent with the brood of adult Cavaliers as well as your steadfast, nurturing love and dedication to the puppies. God bless and THANKS!!"

Mindy D. from Dearborn, MI

Litter O- Orion aka Jasper, November 2015


3 mo.
9 mo.

"Update- Hi Alice-Barrett Blue is a love, cuddle monster. He actually hugs and that is hysterical. He is also a bit of a rascal still which I hope he doesn't lose completely as he matures. I love him madly. He is very loved and spoiled rotten. He is gorgeous. Take care Alice and know that I am eternally grateful for my beautiful Cavalier."

Michelle M. from Chicago, IL

Litter L- Lancelot aka Barrett Blue, May 2015


22 mo.

"We had a great birthday together ! He surely is a King ! (and knows it). We have dogs all of our married lives but never have we felt so close to any other dog ! He is everything we had heard and more ! He loves his walks and get compliments wherever he goes. His tail wags constantly and he loves his routines. These four years have gone by too fast for us. He has been so easy to train and loves to please. Thank you"

Dave & Sue B. fromTorch Lake, MI

Litter D- Declan aka Wynston, April 2015


"Hi Alice, Just wanted to give you an update on Ella. She is doing amazing! Excelling in puppy class and doing great with sit, leave it, down and off. She has some incredible height on her jumps as we are working on up too. I think she will excel in agility once she is ready. She is by far the best thing to come into our lives. She is amazing and we are so happy to have her! Thank you again"

Sara W. from Northville, MI

Litter L- Lenore aka Ella, November 2014


4 mo.
9 mo.

"As the proud parent of my third Cavalier King Charles spaniel I have to say that my experience with Alice and Wyndsong Cavaliers was a completely different & enjoyable one. She is a pleasure to go through this adventure with and her knowledge of the breed, along with her patience with us future Wyndsong family members, is nothing short of amazing. In my case I wasn't right in the neighborhood but she was always willing to have a conversation & answer my questions throughout the process. This could not have been a better experience and am now at home with my little one (Lancelot-Litter L) enjoying all the wonders, work-smile, & joy that a puppy brings to a home. If you are looking to welcome a Cavalier into your family I highly recommend you contact Alice at Wyndsong Cavaliers. Her dogs are incredibly beautiful and she is a joy to know."

Michelle M. from Chicago, IL

Litter L- Lancelot aka Barrett Blue, October 2014


"Cooper is doing wonderful. So playful and very smart.Sleeps all night and goes to the back door and rings the bells when he wants out. We are so happy with him. He really is a beautiful puppy. Thanks again."

Rob & Eileen G. from Fraser, MI

Litter J- John aka Cooper, April 2014


6 mo.
7 mo.

"Hi Alice! I just wanted to send you another update on Murphy. What a wonderful addition to our family! He has not disappointed us in any way. Even our 2 cats have adjusted well to their new "brother". They all seem very fascinated and entertained by each other. Everyone is getting along so well. Murphy is such a playful, happy puppy. He seems to be thriving. Right now he plays very hard and then sleeps very hard. He is eating well and has slept through the night EVERY night so far. We absolutely adore him. I am happy to be a reference for any new prospective owner as well. You have wonderful dogs and puppies! Thank you again for this amazing little guy."

Jill B. from Northville, MI

Litter I- Ichabod aka Murphy, March 2014


"Hi Alice, It was such a pleasure meeting you Sunday. Thank you for taking the time with my daughter and I and allowing us to spend time with your newest additions. They are so adorable! I was so taken with all of them. It's so hard when you're looking at all these beauties, I feel like I could have taken any of them home! Checking out potential breeders can be quite the task but as soon as I came to your home and met you, I felt immediately reassured by your knowledge and your care and concern for this lovely breed. I look forward to seeing you next Thursday with my husband for a quick peek! Thanks again,"

Diane B. from Novi, Michigan

Litter I - Ivey aka Finnley, January 2014


1 yr.

"Dear Alice, I just wanted to say 100 thank yous for our precious dog Eleanor. We are constantly bombarded with questions about her. She is just so beautiful people can't stop complimenting us. Thank you for letting our family adopt Eleanor. This Thanksgiving our family is so appreciative to have a new family member in our lives. Thanks to you, our cavalier fits so well in our family. We can't imagine life without hr. Thank you for giving us one special girl!! I tell everyone about Wyndsong Cavaliers. We find you to be an irreplaceable breeder. You are so good at what You do!!! God Bless and Happy Thanksgiving!! You are GREAT!!! Love, The Blaney Family."

Brian & Judy B. from Burlington, KY

Litter E - Emma aka Eleanor, November 2013


"When I picked up my Bella Lucia at Alice's house on April 15th, I was very impressed with how loving she was to Lucia and how hard it seemed for her to say good bye. She hugged and held my little girl and kissed her good bye before setting Lucia into her travel crate. Lucia has been a treasure, and true to form, has the kindest disposition. I am so glad that Alice socialized my baby and let children play and handle the pups. One of these days we will be going back to visit ! Thank you Alice !!"

Kathleen V. from Chesterfield, MI

Litter G - Giselle aka Lucia,  October 2013


11 mo.

"Our first priority for finding a Cavalier was locating a breeder that maintained a solid history and was responsible for the on-going health of the breed. We were fortunate to welcome Lily (Guinevere) into our home 4 months ago (May 2013) and the experience has been better than imagined. She is a very sweet and healthy girl that bonded immediately with us all ? a family of 5 with children 12, 10, & 6 years old. Alice was very knowledgeable, accommodating, patient (as we had many questions), and responsive. We would be happy to answer any questions from prospective owners and have given permission to Alice for the release of our phone number and email upon request."

Patrick & Lisa S. from Farmington, MI

Litter G - Guinevere aka Lily, September 2013


"I'm glad to have experienced owning a Cavalier. He has surpassed my expectations. Tobias (Felix) has such a winsome personality, and intelligent besides. Glad I was led to your kennel. Thank you!"

Sue M. from Leonard, MI

Litter F - Felix aka Tobias, November 2012


18 mo.
8 mo.

"Dear Alice, I wanted to thank-you for my 2 beautiful Cavalier Spaniels. This week they turned 8 months and they are blossoming like there is no tomorrow! We are one great happy family. As you have obviously done your homework on how to breed and raise the Cavalier puppy, I am the proud recipient of your efforts. I don't know if I mentioned this is my fourth set of twins over a 25 year time span and the boys are a terrific breed specimen of beauty, brains and a Cavaliers loving nature. Kudos to you!! You can't imagine the attention they bring. They are great Cavalier specimens from their handsome good looks to their temperament. People can't believe they are still puppies. These guys, sexy Rexy and Topper have never met a canine they didn't like. Thank you for doing it so well! All My Best,"

Randee B. from Chicago, IL

Litter F- Flynn aka Rex & Fred aka Topper , October 2012


"Hi Alice! We just love Lexy (Eleanor-now Lexy) to death, she's SUCH a good girl (not to mention a little snuggle bug), and makes us laugh/smile/warms our hearts everyday. She's also best friends with her cousin Olive, and cries every time one of their visits come to an end. Thanks again for working with us to bring such a wonderful addition to our family and into our lives!"

George and Jennifer P. from Royal Oak, MI

Litter E - Eleanor aka Lexy, October 2012


1 yr.

"Wynston (Aka-Declan) has added so much joy to our lives. Our Golden has taught him to retrieve at 10 weeks old. Thanks for everything, Sue and Dave at Torch Lake"

Dave and Sue from Torch Lake, MI

Litter D- Declan aka Wynston, June 2011


"Alice, Riley (aka: Chadwick) has quickly become a loved and treasured member of our family. Bringing his loving heart, inquisitive mind and playful spirit into our home. He quickly becomes a "new best friend" to those he meets, easily melting the hearts of strangers. He is called "adorable" where ever he goes. Best to you and your Cavaliers, Steve and Eileen C. Toronto, Canada"

Steve & Eileen C. from Toronto, Canada

Litter C- Chadwick aka Riley, April 2011



2 yrs.

"Hi Alice - Brianna AKA Gracie celebrated her 2nd birthday yesterday. I cannot begin to tell you what a wonderful dog she is. She loves my 3 yrs old grandson to death. They are so connected. I've had many dogs in my life but never one as lovable, sweet and loyal as her. Thank You!"

Steve & Cathy S. from Howell, MI

Litter B- Brianna aka Gracie, October 2011


"Brad and I want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for allowing us to take her. She is the perfect fit for our family and we were meant to have Izzy(aka Belinda)"

Kate, Brad, and Izzy from Waterford, MI

Litter B- Belinda aka Izzy, January 2010


4 yrs.

"Hi Alice Just wanted to let you know Oliver (Baxter) is doing wonderful. He is so smart. He is completely litter box trained now. He never cries at night not even the first night. We love him so much!!!! I want to thank you for everything and let you know he has adjusted very well. I even hear my husband telling him "I love you" and it warms my heart. I didnt expect him to get so attached to him so fast. Again thank you."

Kim R. from Lansing, MI

Litter B- Baxter aka Oliver


"Dear Alice. Thank you so much for my treasured girl. Her soothing presence and sweet love are priceless. People who are lucky enough to purchase one of your dogs are truly blessed. You continue to make this world a better place in so many ways."

Diane & Ron M. from Land-o-Lakes, FL

Litter A- Alexandra aka Lexy, February 2011


1 yr.
4 yrs.

"Archie (aka Arthur) is a stellar dog and we love the heck out of him! He also loves everybody he meets as well. Thank you!"

Sue & John B. from Ortonville, MI

Litter A- Arthur aka Archie